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ABOUT Autumn Kirk-Phillips

Autumn is a fitness instructor and coach. She has inspired people all over the world to achieve fitness goals and healthy habits.


About Autumn Kirk-Phillips

My journey to AKP Fitness began in 2009 after the birth of my third child. I wanted to find a way to lose my post-baby weight and get back to being me again. I joined a local fitness club and began to take one Zumba class per week, then two, then three. Before I knew it, I was taking Zumba classes whenever they were being offered. I loved everything about Zumba, the freedom, the passion and most importantly the dance. After being a stay at home Mom for seven years and focusing almost all of my attention on my littles, I felt it was time to re-invent me! And then I thought what better way to do it than becoming a Zumba instructor. I mean, getting paid for working out- YES! In 2014, I received my Zumba certification but it wasn’t until 2015 before I would get my first class.

My first class was definitely a crash course in becoming a fitness instructor but my mantra that kept me going was “just keep dancing”, and that I did. In 2018, after several other certifications, I created AKP Fitness. AKP Fitness believes in empowering people to be the change that they want to see in their life/fitness journey. By encouraging and uplifting my students/clients, it enables them to work toward their fitness goals knowing that I will be there cheering them on every step of the way.

What is AKP Fitness

AKP Fitness is a company that really focuses on the client’s goals. By listening to my client’s needs both mentally and physically, it enables them to create an attainable plan that will allow them to succeed and allows me to provide the support/training/classes to help them achieve it.



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